Socratica is now an Amazon Influencer

Socratica doesn’t have any beauty recommendations for you. 


It’s fun, we just don’t have anything to contribute here.


And we don’t do Follow Me pictures.  We’re mostly sitting at our desks, working. 

follow me field

Kudos to Murad Osmann for popularizing this new style of photo.


But we can recommend great books ALL DAY LONG.


cornell library

THIS we can do!


I thought “Influencer” was a term only used for YouTube vloggers and the beautiful people on Instagram.  I’m happy to learn I was wrong!

Amazon has opened the doors of its Influencer Program to a wide variety of YouTube channels. This is an opportunity for these channels to share their favourite products, and for all of us to buy from their storefronts as a way to support these channels. The creators receive a small percentage of every purchase made through the links on their storefronts.

And now… Socratica is an Amazon Influencer. Did not think this was going to happen. But here it is, our new storefront:


Some clear pros and cons:


  • Easy to Use – I got this up and running in under 5 minutes.
  • Easy to Update
  • Includes pictures of items


  • Not customizable – we’d love to break this into sections (Math, Chemistry, Film Equipment)
  • No place to write blurbs. Let us say WHY we’re recommending a product.


I’m all for exploring alternate revenue streams, since YouTube ad revenue is not nearly enough to support a business.  So we set up our shop, and we’ll start sharing the link, and we’ll see what happens.  Let us know what you think (or if you have any other ideas to fund our scicomm work at Socratica).

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Why you should go to Summer School

School’s out for summer.


Wanted: one hammock. 

But that doesn’t mean you should turn your brain off!
In our latest Study Tips video, we give you (at least) 5 good reasons why you should go to Summer School:


Summer gives us the unique opportunity to learn anything we want, in a leisurely, indulgent fashion. Always wanted to learn computer programming? Try our Python Series!

Maybe you always thought Calculus was beyond you. Watch this video and tell me this beautiful branch of math doesn’t beckon to you:

Go on. Even if you don’t go to a summer school class, you can find something to keep your curiosity alive.

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We recommend:
Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin (Chess Prodigy featured in Searching for Bobby Fischer)

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Vintage Science Books are Free.

In the Great Hall of my public library were the words of Christopher Marlowe:

Infinite riches in a little room. 

I truly felt like the world was at my fingertips when I went to that library as a child. I can’t imagine what it must be like to grow up with the resources we now have. Just look at what I found online today:

I want every single one of these.

I want every single one of these.

These and other delectable titles are available to read free online, in a collection called Folkscanomy Science: Books of a Scientific Nature. 


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The Perils of Delayed Gratification

Confession: I have hoarding tendencies.  I blame it on being raised by Depression-era parents.  It’s not out of control – I just have a good stockpile of canned goods and rice and beans…and gift cards.

Why is it so hard to spend a gift card?   Truly, I do get excited when I receive a gift card, imagining all the goodies it could purchase. But then I think about how much I relish the anticipation of buying something – it’s almost better than the actual purchase – and I put the card away “for later.” I have amassed quite a little collection I keep in a shoebox, from years of sweet thank-you’s from people I have done favours for.

When Borders bookstores filed for bankruptcy back in 2011, I had to open my shoebox stash and face up to my oddball habit.  There were at least 8 Borders cards there, of varying amounts.  I steeled myself and bought two dozen NEW books* – which felt like a crazy indulgence, but it had to be done.

Aha, but today, I learned I am not alone.  In fact, there are some gift card hoarders out there who have it much worse than me.  On Wednesday, US District Judge Andrew Carter ruled that Borders is not responsible for the remaining ~ 210.5 million dollars worth of gift cards that are still floating out there, unredeemed.

I have a feeling I’d better start thinking about cashing in those Best Buy cards…


Gift Card Holder Ornament


* I always buy used paperbacks. I love them. I cannot, cannot, cannot buy a new hardcover book.  No. The thrifty gene runs deep and strong in me.