10 Back to School Tips for Success

We all think of ourselves as eternal students here at Socratica.  That means we get a little thrill every September, even though we’re not in the classroom anymore.

happy fall

Between us, the Socratica team has a LOT of experience points – both as students and teachers – we’ve learned a lot about how to be do well in school. That collected wisdom is what we’re trying to share in our Study Tips series.

Here’s our latest offering – advice on how to make this school year a great one:

10 Back to School Tips for Success.


Don’t feel like you have to tackle all 10 tips at once. Try incorporating one or two, and see if it helps. Not everyone has the exact same strengths and weaknesses. But in our experience, these strategies won’t hurt and may actually mean the difference for you.  Give it a shot!

Good luck and be sure to use our videos for help this school year!


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3 Lessons Learned from reaching 100K Subscribers on YouTube

We’ve been working so hard on our YouTube channel, Socratica.  We just reached an important milestone: 100,000 subscribers! At this point, you receive some recognition from YouTube, including an engraved silver play button plaque. 

silver gold and diamond play button

It’s the little one on the right.

Mostly we feel an enormous sense of relief that we’re on the right track.  We spent a lot of time experimenting with our channel until we found what works. We have an enthusiastic audience who loves watching math and science videos. That’s what we’re good at, so that’s what we’ll keep making!


Here, we’d like to share with you a few of our lessons learned the hard way.  Avoid our rookie mistakes!


 1.  FOCUS.


Your channel should have one very clear focus.  We started out making all kinds of videos under the umbrella “education,” and that was way, way too broad.  What’s worse, we even had videos with different languages, until we broke those off onto different channels, including Socratica Español and Socratica Português.  It wasn’t until we decided we were going to focus on STEM videos that our channel started to grow more steadily.




SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t just for webpages.  Before you make a video, go to Google Trends and see if people are even interested in the topic.  Sometimes we use this as a tiebreaker if we’re trying to decide between several video topics.  Once you’ve hit a million subscribers, maybe then you can relax and make any video you want. Until then, make sure there is an audience for what you’re making.




Every time you stop production on your channel, it confuses and disappoints the YouTube algorithm. We used to go all in on very time-consuming videos, spending weeks at a time on very complicated animations (cough cough Black Holes video). Meanwhile, we weren’t publishing anything else on our channel.

We’re now making much more regular content that is simpler to produce: Abstract Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Python, Study Tips…You can expect to see at least one of these videos on our channel each week.  We do still occasionally squeeze in one of those Astronomy videos that take a ton of time and effort. We love making those “tentpole” videos, but we have to plan for them, and make sure it doesn’t shut down our whole studio.

We set a very high bar for our content, and we’re sticking to it. But we’ve learned how to compromise where we can, in order to be more consistent.  We hope these tips help you join us in the 100K club!

If you’re one of our 100,000 subscribers, thank you sincerely!  




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