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I’m a former research biologist, and a former classroom teacher. Now I am the head writer and producer at Socratica – a company dedicated to making beautiful educational materials. Look for our videos on YouTube and our apps on the Google play store!

Our videos on YouTube:


Our apps on the Google Play Store:


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Being a life-long learner is the most basic key to happiness. When we stop challenging ourselves, or believe we know everything we need to know, we cease to have purpose. Look at Justin Bieber… 😉

  2. edward de jong says:

    what technology are you using to make your apps? You guys are doing such great work in the videos, I wonder if I could be of some assistance in this area. I have been working on a way of encoding interactivity in such a way as to survive transitions without requiring a rewrite. Platform “breakage” is a nightmare; a video will last 100 years, but just try running an app from 10 years ago! it undermines the economics of app development, and is the main reason academic institutions have produced so few apps. Surely you must be hitting this barrier in your plans.

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