New – Irregular Pentagon that can tile the Plane

Beautiful presentation of the newest way to tile the plane using irregular pentagons – from

Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

Some time ago, I have written a post about tiling: Floors of Derelict Buildings with Tile-like Patterns and after that I have been looking for more information about tiling and recently I got to this really interesting article: With Discovery, 3 Scientists Chip Away at an Unsolvable Math Problem. The article tells the story of 3 scientists: McLoud-Mann, along with her husband, Casey Mann, and David Von Derau and the discovery of a new type of irregular pentagons that can tile the plane. 

Moreover, I have found some interesting gifs that help you understand tiling better. First of all, some regular polygons can tile the plane nicely and easily to visualize:

But for regular pentagons the problem transforms and becomes more complicated:

Thought it sounds easy to find a way to tile the plane, the practice shows it is not that easy. For me it sounds like using just pen…

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