The Return of our Visit the 50 States Playlist – Massachusetts

Due to popular demand, here is the first of six new states videos we filmed recently. We worked with a new talented presenter, Dylan Rourke.

We invite you to visit the great state of Massachusetts!

Massachusetts, nicknamed “The Bay State,” became the 6th state on February 6th, 1788. It is a state rich in history – the site of many key events in the Revolutionary War. Massachusetts is home to more than 180 colleges and institutions of higher learning (including Harvard, oldest in the nation). Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island are also popular tourist destinations for the scenic shoreline and delicious seafood.

Our series of videos “Visit the 50 States,” gives you a little history and interesting facts about each state. For every state, you’ll learn when it entered the Union, what’s its motto, how did it get its nickname, and see what the flag, seal, and state capitol building all look like. We’ll find the state capital on the map! There’s also fun trivia – do you know the state tree, flower, and bird? Watch and find out!

These videos are perfect for middle-school and up.

Stay tuned for Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and Montana!


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“The Human Abstract” — William Blake

Source: “The Human Abstract” — William Blake

This comes to you from the lovely blog Biblioklept.

William Blake is my favourite poet for being simultaneously starkers, rebellious, yet plain-truth-speaking. This is the video we made introducing him – we tried to keep it short, but if I had written everything I wanted it would have been long enough to be a miniseries:


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We recommend:

The Complete Poetry & Prose of William Blake

Inlcudes critical commentary by the great Harold Bloom


New – Irregular Pentagon that can tile the Plane

Beautiful presentation of the newest way to tile the plane using irregular pentagons – from

Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

Some time ago, I have written a post about tiling: Floors of Derelict Buildings with Tile-like Patterns and after that I have been looking for more information about tiling and recently I got to this really interesting article: With Discovery, 3 Scientists Chip Away at an Unsolvable Math Problem. The article tells the story of 3 scientists: McLoud-Mann, along with her husband, Casey Mann, and David Von Derau and the discovery of a new type of irregular pentagons that can tile the plane. 

Moreover, I have found some interesting gifs that help you understand tiling better. First of all, some regular polygons can tile the plane nicely and easily to visualize:

But for regular pentagons the problem transforms and becomes more complicated:

Thought it sounds easy to find a way to tile the plane, the practice shows it is not that easy. For me it sounds like using just pen…

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