#LearnMore with Socratica

We’ve adopted a new hashtag for Socratica.  It’s #LearnMore, and I may be biased, but I think it is perfection.  We make educational videos for YouTube, as well as educational phone apps for Android. Who is our audience?

Hermione is our girl.

Hermione is our girl.

If you really want to learn a subject, REALLY learn something in math or science, it’s going to take more than admiring an explosion or liking a photo of a fractal.  It’s going to take more than 3 minutes of your time.  It’s probably going to take some reading, and maybe even some equations.

hermione granger reading

Hermione read about it in “Hogwarts: A History.”

Socratica is not in the edutainment business.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for that: those channels are out there making videos that will make you think: “I f***ing love science!” – and that’s great, we need all the PR for math and science we can get.

But at Socratica, we sincerely want to be a resource for the brave few who want to put in the time to genuinely understand the subject. We want to take you on the deep dive. Are you ready to #LearnMore?

Hermione wants to #LearnMore.

Hermione wants to #LearnMore.


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The Art of Learning by chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin (of “Searching for Bobby Fisher” fame).  This is a gentle introduction to Waitzkin’s philosophy – not just about how to excel in chess, but in life. Perfect for autodidacts and those looking to re-orient their lifestyle into one that supports lifelong learning.