Beautiful book full of beautiful ideas.

Jean-Francois Chabas and David Sala have collaborated on a number of children’s books, but my favourite has to be La colère de Banshee.  It’s a visual feast.

colere de banshee 1



Sala’s artwork here is an homage to Klimt, and the words by Chabas are poetry. I haven’t found this book in English, but it sounds better in French anyway.

“En Irlande, pays des enchantements, la banshee est la plus puissante des fées.”

In Ireland, land of enchantment, the banshee is the most powerful of the fairies.


When the little fairy loses something dear to her, the world responds to her fear and anger.

colere de banshee 2



Don’t stand between a banshee and her comfort item!


colere de banshee 3


Available on Amazon (in French).



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