We’re Zooey Deschanel in our dreams

It’s sad and remarkable that even in the 21st century, so many productions fall back on tired stereotypes. Tess Paras has made a parody video called “Typecast” that throws a light on her experiences with Hollywood and how minorities are repeatedly cast into the same handful of roles.  Watch!

We love our actors at Socratica Studios.  We have the freedom to explore with them, to find all the areas where they can bring their special talents to light.We have such a rich pool of gifted, multidimensional people to work with. We can’t imagine asking them to play dumb, for want of a better word.  Who says we can’t have girls teaching math, or people of various ethnic backgrounds teaching English?  Someone give me a good reason.  There isn’t one!

So why do the studios do it?  Don’t they have WAY more power than we do to do whatever they want?




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