A is for Alphabet Videos

My darling mum taught me how to read when I was really little (2 – 2 1/2 or so) by reading out loud to me. She read kids’ books to me, but she also read her Reader’s Digest and mystery novels and eventually, just by following along, I picked it up.  But most kids learn in school in the more traditional way, first by learning the alphabet, and then sounding out words with phonics and recognizing words by sight.  Learning how to read and loving reading has had the most profound effect on my life.  For someone who loves to read, it feels like my solemn duty to pass on what I know.

But learning, even learning something Very Important, doesn’t have to be solemn and serious. I have had so much fun making my “little learning movies” with Socratica, and I hope that comes across in our videos. The latest videos I’ve been making are about the alphabet, one for each letter.  We filmed these with our old friend Louise McCartney, star of many of our early videos.  Actually, Louise was in the very first video I wrote and put up on YouTube, “Anion.”  Louise is herself now a teacher in Texas. One of these days I’ve got to write a bio about her, because she has done such a wonderful job bringing the words on the page to life.  Louise also has that joy of learning, and I think you can tell she’s going to be a great teacher.

Louise plays “The Letter Lady,” who teaches kids what sounds the letters make, and how to write them, and helps you pick them out from other letters that look similar.  I don’t care, I’ll say it myself, the videos are simply beautiful. Just because we’re making these videos for little kids, that doesn’t mean we’re cutting corners. We are lucky to work with truly adept and accomplished graphic designers and editors who use their artistic eye to make something we like to watch.  After all, if I don’t enjoy watching my video, why would I expect a new learner to want to watch it over and over?

We just finished the Letter I, and every few days we publish another letter.  Please subscribe and share these videos with young friends who need to learn their letters of the alphabet as the first step towards a lifetime of reading.  We know how important it is. Let’s make it easy and fun for them!



One thought on “A is for Alphabet Videos

  1. Like you I learned to read at a very early age. My favorite book was Goldilocks and the three bears. My elders tired of reading it to me over and over again, so my mother used it to teach me to read. Once I grasped the basic principal I quickly read through all of my picture books.
    I tried to teach my son to read using his favorite books, but he ended up learning in the traditional school setting and thanks to Sesame Street he learned to love the alphabet.
    Had your videos been around when he was small I would have been thrilled to share them with him. A is for applaud!

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