Did you hear the one about the librarian who was fired for encouraging kids to read?

I wish I were joking.  No punchline – this really happened, to Lita Casey, a 28-year veteran of the Hudson Falls Public Library.  She also taught nursery school for 42 years.  She knows a thing or two about kids.  They call her “Gram.”  What was her great offense, that would get her kicked out of the library?

Every summer, the Hudson Falls Library in the great state of New York hosts a reading contest for youngsters, and for the last 5 years, one outstanding reader has walked away with the prize. Meet Tyler Weaver.

Lita Casey and Tyler Weaver

Lita Casey and Tyler Weaver


He’s 9. That means he’s been the top kid reader in this town since he was 5.  This year, he read 63 books during the 6 week contest.  Are they celebrating this outstanding kiddo? Putting up his picture in the library?  No – the library director complained that Tyler was “hogging” the prize, and he should step down and let another kid win for a change.  She planned to award next years’ prize by drawing names out of a hat instead.  Paging Harrison Bergeron?

Librarian Lita Casey came to Tyler’s defense, and spoke up for him.  As a result,  Casey was let go – not for being bad at her job, but for drawing attention to this embarrassing situation.  You know, all those television cameras and newspaper headlines.  Well they SHOULD be embarrassed.  Firing the person who stands up for what is right?  Is this really what you’d like your town to be known for?



10 thoughts on “Did you hear the one about the librarian who was fired for encouraging kids to read?

  1. Robbin Weils says:

    My children went to Ms. Casey’s pre-school. She is a loving and nurturing person who has helped shape many of our young people and continued to nurture their love of learning during her time at the library.SHAME on Hudson Falls for their treatment of her. If you can’t have the public eye on your town them YOU have some definite problems. This situation was handled poorly and with out class. (sadly only the children and Lita Casey will suffer from YOU POOR JUDGEMENT!!)

    • I’m so glad you visited and took the time to tell us about your experience with Ms. Casey. She sounds like such a wonderful, valuable member of your community. I owe so much to teachers just like her. We need our elders and their wisdom to guide our youngsters! Please, listen up, Hudson Falls, and do right by Lita Casey!

  2. I looked into this story and found a very informative article done by the very paper Casey talked to. Did you know the first person to be fired over this was the executive director Marie Gandron, the very lady who wanted Tyler banned from the contest? Next to be fired was Casey. I am assuming the library wanted to get rid of the problem and thought this was the way to do. I wonder what the public opinion will be after the village reads this article?

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