Studio work

Socratica Studios is taking a little break from filming. We needed one desperately, after a filming blitz with our old friend Louise, who came into town from Texas for a few days. We monopolized her mercilessly and managed to get 39 videos in the can!  Stay tuned for new kids’ videos featuring the letters of the alphabet, as well as  some videos for bigger kids, too, about geometry.

In our down time, we decided to buckle down and replace one wall of our studio, covering it with high-grade acoustic panels,


Echoes are sucked into the monolith, never to re-appear.

and a whisper-quiet ductless air conditioner.


And with the press of a magic button, cold blue air emerges.

I mean it’s AMAZINGLY quiet.  We’ll be doing sound checks this week to make sure we can remove the noise with our audio software, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to film and keep the air conditioner running.  This is a game changer!



4 thoughts on “Studio work

    • Haha Thanks calmgrove! Yes, sometimes an article from someone like Arthur Miller on something as pedestrian as *air conditioning* reminds me that we’re all in this together.

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