A new video series: Great Thinkers

Euclid is associated with geometry (as in “Euclidean Geometry”), but he was also the author of the most successful math textbook of all time:  The Elements.  It has been in fairly continuous use (not counting the Dark Ages) to this day.  His book  – really a collection of 13 books – started with basic principles and taught not only geometry, but the whole of mathematics as known by the ancient Greeks.  We don’t know exactly when he was born or died, or what he really looked like (despite this fetching statue in Oxford):

English: Statue of Euclid in the Oxford Univer...

English: Statue of Euclid in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do we know about this most influential fellow?  Here’s a video we made about him, the first in our “Great Thinkers” series.


Next up in the series is Galois, a French mathematician with such a tragic story, he really deserves his own opera.



3 thoughts on “A new video series: Great Thinkers

      • agirlwithapiano says:

        You’re welcome. 🙂 Well, learning the geometry was fun… I took geometry online, though, and typing out all those proofs was the furthest thing from “fun.” 😛

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