Hotter Than the Sun

arri hot light

arri hot light (Photo credit: roger_ipa)

We’ve been filming our Socratica videos at night after the sun goes down, thinking it would be cooler.  And it is, of course, but even the darkness and the cool of the desert night can’t compete with the fierce fiery fury of our ARRI lights.

We film in a small green-screen studio with enough light for an entire house – the entire green background must be evenly lit in order to be able to digitally remove it and put in whatever background we want later – so that means using very large, very bright lights – two giant ones for the green screen, another couple big ones in front on the actor, a little one in the back (the “hair light”) .   I knew lights were inefficient, and gave off a lot of heat as well as light – I’ve known this since I was a kid, doing plays under hot lights on a stage – but this is the first time I’ve been trapped in a room with so many of them shining right close to me.

One of the perks of growing up in LA is access to movie studios.  Remember when you used to hear “filmed in front of a live studio audience” all the time?  That was me. I used to go watch TV shows being filmed for fun, and I could never understand why the sets were freezing.  Now I get it, I really get it.

Next job:  looking into properly sealing our garage-studio and installing industrial-strength air-conditioning.



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