Quiet on the Set!

Yesterday we filmed three new Abstract Algebra videos in English, a shoot that lasted about about 5 hours. (Don’t forget to subscribe so you can watch these videos when they come out!) We film in our own small green-screen studio we built, which is an incredible luxury – no worrying about booking time in someone else’s space, paying exorbitant rental fees, watching the clock in case we go over the allotted time – it gives us so much flexibility and piece of mind.

That is, until some neighborhood kids decide to start screaming outside at 10 PM (there’s no amount of soundproofing material that can stand up to that), or someone tries to hike up the Impossible-Waterfall-of-Death behind our house and needs a helicopter rescue.  I live next to a nature preserve, and when our actors come to visit, they all comment on how quiet it is – that is, until we start filming!


Los Angeles County Rescue Helicopter #5