The Perils of Delayed Gratification

Confession: I have hoarding tendencies.  I blame it on being raised by Depression-era parents.  It’s not out of control – I just have a good stockpile of canned goods and rice and beans…and gift cards.

Why is it so hard to spend a gift card?   Truly, I do get excited when I receive a gift card, imagining all the goodies it could purchase. But then I think about how much I relish the anticipation of buying something – it’s almost better than the actual purchase – and I put the card away “for later.” I have amassed quite a little collection I keep in a shoebox, from years of sweet thank-you’s from people I have done favours for.

When Borders bookstores filed for bankruptcy back in 2011, I had to open my shoebox stash and face up to my oddball habit.  There were at least 8 Borders cards there, of varying amounts.  I steeled myself and bought two dozen NEW books* – which felt like a crazy indulgence, but it had to be done.

Aha, but today, I learned I am not alone.  In fact, there are some gift card hoarders out there who have it much worse than me.  On Wednesday, US District Judge Andrew Carter ruled that Borders is not responsible for the remaining ~ 210.5 million dollars worth of gift cards that are still floating out there, unredeemed.

I have a feeling I’d better start thinking about cashing in those Best Buy cards…


Gift Card Holder Ornament


* I always buy used paperbacks. I love them. I cannot, cannot, cannot buy a new hardcover book.  No. The thrifty gene runs deep and strong in me.