Voices of Authority

Doctor, Doctor!  Will you check my vital signs?

Doctor, Doctor! Will you check my vital signs?


I just finished editing a series of videos I wrote called “Doctor, Doctor!”  This is a video series intended to help people who are confused by the way their doctor talks, but are embarrassed or afraid to ask questions.  Personally, I can’t relate to this problem AT ALL, but I saw it happen to my sweet mum all the time.  She had ovarian cancer, and I would go with her to her doctor’s appointments and all sorts of words we had never heard before would be flying around the room.  My mum would be smiling politely and nodding.  I would take notes and ask questions.

Afterwards, I would ask my mum what she thought, and it was painfully clear that she didn’t really understand what the doctor had said about her treatment.  “Why didn’t you say something?!” I would say, exasperated.  My poor mum was from a time and place where the doctor was Boss – the person in the white coat knows best and you simply didn’t question him.  But we know now you really have to be an active participant in your own health care if you want good results, and how can you do that if you don’t know what’s going on?

These videos are short and to the point, and intended to provide a friendly face to de-mystify those obscure words and phrases. I’m trying to remember – what did I do to help my mum when she was in that situation? She didn’t need a big biology lecture – she just needed some familiar non-scary language.

It was great fun to work with Omi, an up-and-coming Bollywood star – and to try my hand at “The Parent Trap” style film editing.  Don’t forget to subscribe, and let us know in the comments what other terms you think would be good in this series!



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